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11 Mag I Love Italy – New Collection Show – CDB

I love Italy. That’s the name of the new Compagnia della Bellezza S/S collection presented at the Sheraton Hotel Parco de ‘Medici in Rome on 21, 22, 23 February 2016. Protagonists of the event were the hair designer Salvo Filetti and the Joyà Designer Renato Gervasi, whose synergy and passion have thrilled hairstylists from across Italy, Spain and Germany. The reason is obvious. In Filetti and Gervasi’s opinion focal pivot is the woman in her essence.

The collection I love Italy It’s a trip through Italian beauty and history. Three representative cities (Milan, Rome, Catania) that keep on the “Italian image” conjugated with its many variations; five stories of the women of those places are the symbol. They are the ones to convey the made in Italy meant as renovation of hand-crafted work.

“We are haircraftsmen. We hand on a knowledge living through their stories and their hair. Salons become workshops, the employees “errand boys”, the hairdressers craftsmen who sew the cut on women’s soulâ€.
These words contain beauty, emotion, identity, passion, the same passion of which Salvo Filetti and Renato Gervasi make use to help women in finding their own style, haircut, tone within a very wide range.

To turn the attendant hairdressers into real craftsmen at women’s service the two brand founders and endorsers simulate the work of a Compagnia Della Bellezza Salon carrying out live, together with Art-Team hair stylists, colors, haircuts and styles catering for the spring / summer collection 2016 – I Love Italy.

Shortcut begins. Let’s start with the new boyish cuts, chic undercut, no shaving, with supercool small tufts on face and neck contours and micro fringe, a fragment that “seals” the side line. Both in ventilated smooth style and in slightly curled style, this cut is to be boosted with an original tone which never goes unnoticed, such as platinum “serenity”.

The Carrè, turned from evergreen into one of must-have cuts, is shown in different lengths: with full fringe but “dentelé” tips, parades and double inside scaling. Equally flattering in smooth version, with slight 60s camber and strands “sloping” down, and in “messy bob” style with “way” fringe effect. Wonderful with “ginger blond” tone.

Jagged lobs. The average length stretches slightly, just beyond the line of shoulders but with the lightness of an “Ob-shag”. Three-level jagged scaling and long fringe “dentelé”, volumes become lighter and the tips follow no more a clear line. The background color is a hot chocolate but the verticality of the cut is enhanced by inside “bronde” brushstrokes, creating a diagonal light from backlit fringe down to the shoulders.

Multi-styling will be the game of summer. This haircut is really a chameleon: from tidy smooth, to wavy and wet effects, up to the 70s super curly which also excites curly fringes.

Finally, a long haircut with jagged scaling on the face, inspired by 90s grunge and Dirty Blond tone: the blonde for summer 2016.

An event that left everyone speechless including guest stars Alice Sabatini, Miss Italy 2015, Tiziana Rocca, businesswoman for great events with whom several collaborations in the movie industry will get started soon.

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