Miss Italia 2015 – The eye for beauty!

11 Mag Miss Italia 2015 – The eye for beauty!

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_U7A7859On September the 20th, with the coronation of the Italian down to earth beauty Alice Sabatini, the long journey of Miss Italia 2015 ended: the contest of Patrizia Mirigliani.

We, the Compagnia della Bellezza, had the pleasure and honor to work alongside this factory of beauty for many months as official hairstylists of the contest.

Did you know that the most famous beauty adventure of Italy starts a long time before live TV, about 4 months before the finals to be exact, with the opening of provincial selections. Thousands of candidate Misses have thus followed on runways around the country, challenging each other to win the first place in regional stage and then the coveted pin with the official number for the national pre-finals and for the final broadcasted on La7 Tv. The many girls have thus gradually reduced until the 210 elected in the pre-final and the narrow circle of the 33 finalists. All along this path, starting from provincial stages our hairdressers have tied, with great spirit and grit, their blow dryers, their brushes and their plates to give the hairstyles, the folds, the style and the hair to look better every hopeful candidate Miss. Each strand in its place, every detail of the hair taken care to the maximum to express not only the external beauty, but also the character and caracthair (as we like to call it) of each of them.

During the final stage, a small circle of our fantastic hairdressers had the honor to make a stop in Jesolo, at Pala Arex, giving the 101% preparing the girls for the pre-finals and live broadcasting. Modern hairstyles and folds in pure Compagnia della Bellezza style, a visible Joya in the eyes of the girls and a number of distinguished guests from Simona Ventura (presenter of the evening) Morgan, through Claudio Amendola, Vladimir Luxuria and Joe Bastianich (judges of the event) until the end of the parterre, have created a sensational show giving an alternation of hilarious moments and great suspense.

Ever-present the presence of our Salvo Filetti and Renato Gervasi during the event of which the expert eye, when it comes to beauty, had brought in the previous days the allocation of Compagnia della Bellezza Miss 2015 band at number 5 candidate, Alice Sabatini.

In short, when it comes to beauty… We have the eye!

With Alice’s coronation as Miss Italy today our band has gone, with our great pleasure, to Ginevra Bertolani, who will certainly bring the name up of a brand that has not only built up the more important network of Italian hair salon, but also a real philosophy of beauty, totally channeled into the Fall/Winter collection 2016 concept, rightly called “Miss – Age of courageâ€.

L’articolo Miss Italia 2015 – The eye for beauty! sembra essere il primo su Compagnia Della Bellezza.

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